For Stuart’s “Carols of Christmas” for string quartet:

“There’s something reminiscent of romantic string quartets by Schumann and Dvorak in these artistic arrangements of traditional Christmas carols. The arrangements, by local musician Stuart Carlson, definitely do not fit into the standard verse-chorus-repeat category of carols. Augmented by mood-setting intros and expanded by key changes and lush unexpected harmonies and countermelodies, these are great for recital pieces or for playing at church. The book includes a full score as well as all of the individual parts.”


For Stuart’s arrangement of Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue” for solo violin:

“In this impressive transcription Carlson captures much of the sound and power of the organ and offers it to solo violin. This arrangement requires double stops, accents, jumping across strings, high left-hand work, and dramatic flourishes with the bow and with chromatic left-hand runs… The advanced student or professional will surely enjoy bringing this classic to life.”
American String Teacher

“If you’re a big Bach fan, and a violinist who wants to challenge yourself with a unique arrangement of this organ classic, then treat yourself to this tricky transcription.”
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Strings Magazine


For Stuart’s performance of his arrangement of “Amazing Grace” for solo violin and piano with recording artist/author Jade Simmons at the University of Michigan 2017 tribute concert for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr:

“Stuart’s stunning, gentle tone sparkled alongside Jade’s improvised embellishments to the arrangement, which Stuart had encouraged her to add. The result was the sound of two people collaborating selflessly, sharing themselves with a touched audience. “How sweet the sound,” indeed!.”
Arts at Michigan